Here are a few of FAQ’s…

(Q) I’d like to join but I can’t commit to long periods of time like some of those other places, what do you mean no contract?
(A) No contract means no contract! We are a “pay as you go” gym. The only information we require from you is basic contact information and for emergency purposes. We understand that this economy hasn’t really allowed some of us to maintain a stable budget. But, we don’t want you to put yourself on the back burner.

(Q) How does month to month really work?
(A) The day you start, the fee will allow you 30 days to work out at your leisure. When those 30 days expire, you will be up for renewal and payment will be due. Our check-in system will alert you 3 days before your renewal to let you know so you can decide whether you want to continue.

(Q) What if I stop coming? Will I have to pay a signup fee again?
(A) Absolutely not. One time signup means just that. If you paid signup once you’ll never pay it again. For example, if you’re taking some time off from the gym because of work, travel or maybe you’re recovering from an injury and you want to start up again a month or two later… you’ll just pick up right where you left off!

(Q) I have someone that is interested in working out at XCellerated Fitness, can he or she come and check it out?
(A) Sure, we’d love for anyone to give us a once-over. Guest passes are $10.00 but if an XC member accompanies the person, it’s only $5.00. AND keep an eye out because we will do one better! If your friend signs up during one of our referral programs and says you referred him, you’ll get a month FREE! Everyone wins!

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