The A to Z of XC Philosophy.

Always Be Clearly Driven.
Exercise Fearlessly. Go Hard.
Important Journeys Keep Life Moving.
Never just Observe.
Persevering Quietly Reaps Strength.
Train Until Victory is Warranted.
Xcellerate YourselveZ.

Our mission as a gym is simple and possible. We strive to promote a lifestyle of fitness awareness through physical activity. We want to provide the community with affordable, accessible fitness opportunities and optimize chances in attaining fitness goals. Finally, to inspire the community to exercise and make healthy, productive choices in lifestyles regardless of age, socio-economic status and gender.

We pride ourselves in being a good, solid gym filled with good, solid people. We take our business pretty seriously. We encourage our members to be courteous and mindful when working out and ask that every member be respectful.

Check out our full list of rules: XC Rules

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